Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Up at Omena.

In October, I reported on the novices' weekend villa at Omena, site of the Chicago and Detroit Provinces' shared vacation property. That weekend jaunt was merely a warm-up for the imminent epic known as "formation villa," a two-week vacation at Omena with all the other guys in formation, from first-year novices like myself to newly-ordained priests. Located on the Grand Traverse Bay, Omena is known for its bucolic tranquility and rustic beauty. It is not, however, known for its Internet access - in fact, it has none. Therefore I won't be posting on this blog until after I return to Loyola House on August 12th. Rest assured, however, that when I do return I'll report on the highlights of my time at Omena - hopefully including some commentary on the inaugural Traverse City Film Festival, notes on the probable grave of Jesuit explorer Father Jacques Marquette, something about this unique and unusual attraction and sundry words on anything else noteworthy that might happen. 'Til we meet again, all the best. AMDG.


At November 28, 2005 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm writing a paper and i need your help. who was the guy who made the fantastic frescoes that looked 3D? if by some odd chance you have notes on this could you email me at or give me a ring at (773) 508.8728. hope all is well. i hear you'll be coming to chicago soon. we'll have to spend some time together.
peace of Christ--PJ


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