Sunday, June 04, 2006

Busy, busy, busy....

My apologies to regular readers who have loyally checked this blog each day only to find that I haven't posted anything new since May 31st. I generally try to post updates on this blog as regularly as possible, which usually means once each day or sometimes every other day depending how much time I'm able to make for blogging. However, due to a conspiracy of circumstances I've found myself too busy to post anything over the last few days. Maxima mea culpa. Friday was a novitiate 'work day,' meaning a day on which novices attend to various tasks in the realm of building maintenance that are not covered by routine house jobs on Saturday morning. My task for Friday's work day was to help reorganize the garage, which took me and my companions most of the morning and afternoon. On Friday night, I and a few of my fellow novices went to Comerica Park to see the Red Sox defeat the Detroit Tigers 3-2 on the strength of an incredible two-run homer by Kevin Youkilis in the ninth inning. I returned to Comerica Park on Saturday with my dad and my sister Elizabeth, who came to town (along with a lot of other Sox fans) to attend the second game of the Red Sox-Tigers series. Though Saturday's game started nearly an hour late on account of early evening rain, fast pitching and few runs meant that the park emptied out no later than it had the night before. Though the Tigers beat the Red Sox 6-2 on Saturday, I was cheered by the Sox' 8-3 win over the Tigers this afternoon in the final game of the series. While we didn't have tickets to today's game, Dad, Elizabeth and I made good use of the day with a visit to Greenfield Village. In some sense, this stop marked a continuation of last weekend's visit to the Henry Ford Museum, which shares a campus with Greenfield Village and operates under the same auspices. A sprawling collection of historic buildings relocated from their original locations, restored to period appearance and filled with enthusiastic interpreters and reenactors, Greenfield Village has a few things in common with places like Colonial Williamsburg, Old Sturbridge Village and Plimoth Plantation. Unlike previous history attractions I've visited with my family, Greenfield Village has a relatively limited focus, emphasizing the development of industry and invention over the span of American history rather than seeking to provide a comprehensive and scrupulously faithful reproduction of a single place and period in time. In some respects, Greenfield Village also takes a 'greatest hits' approach to history, giving particular prominence to buildings associated with famous people like Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln and Noah Webster. Though Greenfield Village's resonances with other attractions can give the visitor on occasional sense of deja vu, it is still a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. Dad, Elizabeth and I all had a great time there, and perhaps you would too. AMDG.


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