Monday, May 22, 2006

Technical difficulties.

This post will primarily be of interest to those readers who customarily contact me via my e-mail address. If you're not in this category, feel free to disregard this e-mail - or, if you prefer, regard it as an opportunity for bemused head-scratching. (Most readers of this blog probably don't have my address, since it isn't one I make publicly available.) For the past forty-eight hours, I've been unable to access my account. I don't know the nature of the problem, but Richard suspects that the server is down. Given that my address is the one I check most often and use for most of my correspondence, I hope service will be restored soon. In the meantime, if you normally contact me via I urge you to use the Yahoo address on my Blogger profile as a substitute. If you wouldn't use my address in any event, just do what you would normally do. We now return to our regularly scheduled program. AMDG.


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