Friday, March 03, 2006

All good things must end . . .

. . . including the Wolfpack basketball season, which concluded tonight with a 35-39 loss to the Lincoln Park Lions in an IHSA Regional Championship game held at St. Ignatius. The regionals started out well for the Wolfpack with a 78-37 win over Dunbar on Ash Wednesday. Those in the know warned me ahead of time that tonight's game against Lincoln Park would be much more challenging, and so it was. The Wolfpack trailed badly through much of the game, and a 4th Quarter comeback that left us within four points of the Lions came too late. Though I'm sad to see the season end, I'll retain fond memories of the games I attended. Now that I won't have Wolfpack basketball to root for anymore, it's time I started to take a look at some of St. Ignatius' spring athletic teams. In the near future, perhaps, this space will carry updates on the progress of Wolfpack baseball or track and field. Go Wolfpack, AMDG.


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