Sunday, February 05, 2006

Winning, losing, dancing.

The title of this post neatly summarizes the various school-related activities I took part in this weekend. On Friday night, I watched as the SICP varsity boys' basketball team beat the Guerin Prep Gators 64-47. Though the outcome of the game was never in serious doubt, as always I enjoyed seeing the Wolfpack emerge victorious. Saturday morning I joined the SICP varsity Scholastic Bowl team for a tournament at Homewood-Flossmoor High School in Chicago's south suburbs. St. Ignatius' student scholars won three of the five rounds in which they competed, but that wasn't enough to move into the higher echelon of teams competing in the afternoon. As a result, I got to go home earlier than I expected and had a chance to rest up before I had to report for chaperoning duty at Saturday night's school dance. Other than standing at the door like a bouncer in clerics, checking to make sure the students had handstamps that showed they had paid the admission fee, my major responsibility was to walk around, stand around and generally make myself visible. The general impression I got was that school dances haven't changed much in the past decade. The kids evidently had a good time, and as far as I can tell they were also remarkably well-behaved. The music that the hired deejay played was predictable in the extreme, but that's about what I anticipated. At one point during the night I thought to myself, 'I wonder if they'll play You Spin Me Right Round in the next ten minutes.' Sure enough, they did. AMDG.


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