Sunday, July 03, 2005

Obligatory Sandra Day O'Connor post.

Some of my friends in mundo may want to know how I feel about Associate Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement from the United States Supreme Court. I've actually been trying to post some reflections on Justice O'Connor's announcement since she made it public Friday morning, but for reasons both within and beyond my control I've been unsuccessful. Twice I've put together what I considered to be thoughtful, carefully non-partisan posts discussing the Supreme Court nomination process past and present - and twice I've completely lost what I wrote before I could post it, once due to an error of my own (accidental deletion) and once because Blogger inexplicably reverted to an earlier draft and not to the more recent one which previously appeared to have been saved successfully. Perhaps these technical difficulties are God's way of telling me that instead of offering what I thought were very measured words on a topic of general interest I should maintain a prudential silence. On the other hand, maybe this is a case of bad luck compounded by technological ineptitude. Since O'Connor's retirement is only the beginning of a long and interesting process, in the coming weeks I may still produce a post similar in content to the one I wanted to put up this weekend. If that doesn't happen, however, you can assume it's all AMDG.


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