Monday, May 23, 2005

Back in Berkley.

I’m starting to get used to being back at Loyola House. The fact that this is familiar territory doesn’t make readjustment any easier: shifting time zones, climates, cultures and schedules is bound to be hard under any circumstances. The last couple days have been lightly scheduled in order to give disoriented primi like myself a chance to get our bearings before we move on to new commitments. The first of these begins this afternoon with a liturgy workshop presented by Father J-Glenn Murray, a noted Jesuit liturgist and director of the Cleveland Diocese’s Office of Pastoral Liturgy. After J-Glenn finishes up on Wednesday, the novitiate welcomes the Chicago and Detroit Provincials, who will be making their annual visitation. In other words, we’ll be having a busy week, but I trust it will be a very interesting one as well. AMDG.


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