Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Habemus Papam . . .

but at this point we don't know who he is. I did a routine news check on what I thought was my way out the door of Catholic Charities to visit some of the refugees at their house, and what do I see - white smoke and bells at the Vatican! A new pope has been elected, and the world's eyes are trained on the balcony at St. Peter's where he will soon emerge. The joy, excitement and mystery of a papal election are at this point mingled with uncertainty about the identity of the man elected - I suspect I wouldn't have been able to feel this mix of emotions were it not for the instant nature of modern media coverage. In times past, most Catholics would've gotten the news of a papal election and the identity of the man elected at the same time. I knew that the first conclave of the instant media era would be different somehow, and now I know exactly how. AMDG.


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