Monday, December 13, 2004


Today was my last day working at Colombiere, and an easy one at that - I spent most of my time taking pictures and assisting Colombiere resident Father Tom Gedeon at the pottery wheel. This was only my third experience working with clay (the first two are noted in this post), and if not for Father Gedeon's constant direction I probably wouldn't have gotten very far. Though he spent the better part of his life as a Jesuit doing retreat work, Father Gedeon is also an accomplished potter - the only example of his work I could find photos of online are this chalice and paten, but that should at least give you some idea of his style. The Jesuits at Colombiere conveyed their good words and promises of prayer for the first-year novices who'll be making the Long Retreat soon, and in turn we promised to come back and visit when we get back in February.

This afternoon the primi had a tour of Our Lady of La Salette School, an experience meant to give us a better sense of the place and to help us think about what grade level we may want to teach when we're there on experiment early next year. At the same time, our visit to the school and our meeting Friday afternoon with the La Salette faculty give the teachers data that will help them think about what novices they may want teaching in their particular classes. Of course, the formation staff here have their own views about who should go where as well. Ultimately, through the process of dialogue and deliberation that characterizes Jesuit discernment, we'll all end up assigned somewhere - perhaps to our first choice, perhaps not, but ultimately to the place that seems most suitable to each of us at this stage of formation. Stay tuned for the final word on what grade I'm assigned to. In the meantime, please pray for me as I discern my own preferences in the matter and, more crucially, pray for me and my fellow primi as we prepare for the Long Retreat. AMDG.


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