Saturday, December 11, 2004

See, see, see . . . Tennessee Tuxedo!

For the edification of fellow first-year novice Jim Shea, with whom I was reminiscing earlier about old cartoons, here's a link to the lyrics of the Tennessee Tuxedo theme song. If you don't remember Tennessee Tuxedo, you can read more about him here and here. Research for this post refreshed my memory of the character, who I recall watching in reruns but sometimes conflated with Huckleberry Hound - who is not only a very different character but of a different species as well. (Family members familiar with my penchant for mixing up the names of our pets probably aren't surprised that I'd make such an error.) I watched both cartoons in syndication when I was a kid, though I was a much bigger fan of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Underdog. And yes, in case you were wondering, this post marks a continuation of the pop culture apostolate begun by my Bartles & Jaymes and Scarecrow and Mrs. King blog entries. Similar bursts of nostalgia are likely in the future, so consider yourself warned. AMDG.


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