Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Little White House, 19??-2004.

To my great delight, Eric has decided to share photos and video of the demolition of the little white house next to the novitiate. At some point in the history of Loyola House, the building next to ours provided extra bedrooms and recreation space. Sadly, the white house's useful life ended long ago. Unused for over a decade, the house fell into ever greater decay and disrepair and ultimately had to be torn down. In the meantime, the rental of the other house next door - now known as Bobadilla House - has given the novitiate the living and playing space that the white house once provided. Regrettably I wasn't around yesterday to see the white house - a small, but nonetheless noteworthy piece of Jesuit history - go down, but I'm pleased that Eric recorded it. Farewell, Little White House, we hardly knew ye. AMDG.


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