Monday, November 22, 2004

Back from Fort Benning.

Returned early this morning from the SOA Watch vigil in Columbus, Georgia. Besides about sixteen novices and staff from Loyola House, the bus I took down included numerous students from UDM and U of D Jesuit High School. I never thought I'd say this, but the preponderance of college and high school kids on the trip made this 24 year-old feel like an oldtimer; the experience was also somewhat nostalgic, as the antics of the high schoolers made me think back to school bus trips I took when I was their age. I found Columbus to be a charming and strikingly gracious city: the downtown business district - where our group spent most of Saturday - was well-kept and had an old-fashioned feel, and all the locals I encountered were friendly and patient even though many of them disagree with the goals of SOA Watch and the purpose of the vigil. I was also surprised to discover Columbus' rich history: among other things, the city is the hometown of writer Carson McCullers and the birthplace of Coca-Cola. As for the vigil weekend itself, it was an interesting experience. We spent most of Saturday with the many Jesuit and Jesuit-inspired groups that had come down for the weekend, and I got a chance to reunite with Jesuits I knew from GU and from the Chicago Province. As far as I could tell, Sunday's vigil went well - repeat attendees said that it was larger and better than it had been in previous years, and despite the large crowd (estimated at about 15,000) and diversity of groups involved (attendees ran the ideological and religious gamut - practically the only common thread was concern about the SOA) the whole thing proceeded with nary a hitch. From my perspective, the only drawback to going was that practically as soon as I got back to Loyola House at 7.30 this morning I had to head out the door again for Colombiere. Working there on very little sleep was a challenge, but after a nap this afternoon I felt as good as new. AMDG.


At November 23, 2004 12:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I hope this comment doesn't sound condescending or presumptuous. I find your "mundane" posts quite inspirational for their little lessons in obedience and humility. Frankly, I've always found exercises such as the "sculpting" one you described to be infra dig--so had it been me, I likely would've pouted and whined about it. Your approach--and your blogging about it--are tonic and truly exemplary of your motto--AMDG!


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