Saturday, October 16, 2004

Che's Chevrolet, Fidel's Oldsmobile.

Metro Times Detroit has an interesting review of a new book by Richard Schweid called Che's Chevrolet, Fidel's Oldsmobile: On the Road in Cuba. Sounds like a fascinating read, especially in light of my recent travels in Cuba. Watch for a potential review by yours truly once I've had a chance to read the book.

In other reading news, I finally finished The First Jesuits- had a harder time slogging through it this time around (in large part due to my schedule) but having now studied some of the Society's founding documents I feel like I understood the book better than I did on my first reading. Next on my reading list is Jerome Nadal, S.J., 1507-1580: Tracking the First Generation of Jesuits, by the late William V. Bangert, S.J. Father Nadal was a key figure in the early Society, having been chosen by Ignatius himself to travel around to all the Jesuit houses in Europe to explain the Order's Constitutions shortly after their promulgation. Nadal was selected for this task because Ignatius felt that Nadal understood his thought better than any other early Jesuit and would thus be in the best position to deal with any interpretive issues that would arise in applying the Constitutions in different houses and provinces. Father Bangert was a distinguished Jesuit historian and probably in as good a position as anyone to bring Nadal to modern readers. Hopefully I'll have more to say when I've finished the book. AMDG.


At March 13, 2006 3:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had Fr. Bangert as a professor in the fall of 1977. He was an extraordinary teacher. His signature action was to time his class with complete precision. At the end of the class, he would start for the door. As the second hand swept to the 12, his foot would move out of the door, and his lecture would be punctuated with the last word he had intended to speak. And all of that with the precise movement of second hand. It surely tickled his students, and he created the same fete day after day. I did a name search wondering what had happened to him, and I came across your blog. I saw "the late" in front of his name. He was a very good man


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