Friday, October 08, 2004

Bush v. Kerry, Round Two.

In tonight's matchup both candidates improved substantially over their performances in the last debate. Bush made greater strides, perhaps in part because he had a lot more work to do, but remained unmistakably himself; a lot more in command and a lot less befuddled, he still managed to misidentify his opponent at one point as "Senator Kennedy" (a Freudian slip, perhaps, or an intentional flub), raged at moderator Charlie Gibson a couple times, and delivered an absolute stunner about how he wouldn't nominate anyone to the Supreme Court who supports Dred Scott (that must have been a bummer for any jurists out there who might be looking to bring back slavery, the 13th and 14th Amendments notwithstanding); beyond the opinion's irrelevancy to the present election, that Bush would characterize Dred Scott as an example of judicial activism betrays ignorance at best and disingenousness at worst. Kerry was a lot more plainspoken and straightforward than he was last time, though he could've been a bit more forceful at times. Both men gave about as good as they got, and I'm genuinely looking forward to their final confrontation next Wednesday. AMDG.


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