Thursday, September 30, 2004

Bush v. Kerry, Round One.

Novitiate Notes is emphatically *not* a political blog, but some readers will undoubtedly want to know what I thought of tonight's debate, so I'll write a few words on the topic. (Readers who are interested in my views on this score are also likely aware of my political leanings, so I see little need to state them here.) Kerry was cool and composed, and made good use of factual data to back up his contentions. However, he also occasionally lapsed into unnecessarily tortured circumlocutions at points where a few direct words would've done the trick. (By the count of another Loyola House audience member, Kerry also referred to his Vietnam service no fewer than eight times, but I've never faulted him for that.) Bush, to his credit, stayed on message - even though the message itself was trite and even counterfactual; the President's stammering delivery and awkward demeanor didn't help, and though he got in a couple zingers he also had more than a few gaffes. Kerry looked and sounded presidential; Bush did not. Personally, I'd give this one to Kerry; will be interested to see what the papers, polls and pundits have to say. Looking forward to Round Two in a few days. AMDG.


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