Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Chi Prov tertians at Loyola House.

Loyola House has, I suspect, been a much quieter place over the past couple months that I and my nine fellow secundi have been away on Long Experiment. From what I can tell, the resident formatores and our three brave primi have been doing a commendable job of holding down the fort in a large building that can feel eerily empty when its rate of occupancy is more than halved. After a few lean weeks, Loyola House's population has enjoyed a sudden and remarkable increase. Over the next couple months, Loyola House will be home to six Chicago Province Jesuits in the phase of formation known as tertianship - a period during which Jesuits renew their acquaintance with the Society's founding documents and repeat the full thirty-day Spiritual Exercises to make themselves ready to take the final vows that mark their full incorporation into the Society of Jesus. To learn more about tertianship and the six Chi Prov tertians currently at Loyola House - Pat Fairbanks, Bob Finn, Bob Flack, Tim Howe, Dave Meconi and Rick Millbourn - read this article from the Fall 2005 issue of Partners. If you want an update on what the tertians are doing, be sure to check out Pat Fairbanks' blog. Pat has a new post up today reporting on the end of the Long Retreat, his studies in the Jesuit Constitutions and the ministry he will soon begin at the Oakland County Jail. Watch Pat's blog for further reflections on his experience of tertianship. More importantly, pray for our tertians and for all Jesuits in formation. AMDG.


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