Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Notes on the Feast of St. Nicholas of Myra.

Today the Church in both East and West honors St. Nicholas of Myra, the 4th century Byzantine bishop widely identified (for better or worse) with the figure of Santa Claus. Because I have a Social Ethics exam to study for and a term paper to write, I can't write much about St. Nicholas at the moment. (More generally speaking, posting will be light this week on account of the exam and the paper.) In line with what several other bloggers have already done, I'm pleased to call your attention to the splendid St. Nicholas Center website, which provides exhaustive information on today's saint and the many different ways in which he is remembered around the world. A popular and widely venerated saint in the Byzantine churches and a broadly recognized (if often misunderstood or misrepresented) symbol of generosity and good cheer in the West, Nicholas of Myra can be regarded as an ecumenical figure and a symbol of Christian unity. On this day when Catholics and Orthodox alike honor St. Nicholas, I'll be praying that we make the most of this opportunity for greater mutual understanding. AMDG.


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