Friday, November 25, 2005

Thanksgiving at Loyola House.

Winter has arrived in Michigan; two inches of snow fell on Wednesday and remain with us, and freezing temperatures and strong winds are keeping people indoors. In spite of the cold, Loyola House's annual Chicago vs. Detroit football game went ahead as scheduled yesterday, with Detroit beating Chicago 42-28. After a fine Thanksgiving dinner, the community repaired to the rec room to watch the holiday classic Planes, Trains & Automobiles - a change from last year, when we watched The Sound of Music. As happened last year, John Ferone came up from Cincinnati to spend the holiday weekend at Loyola House; this afternoon, he joined several of us novices for a visit to the DIA followed by a delicious lunch at the Laikon Cafe in Greektown. Traditionally, the day after Thanksgiving finds Loyola House flush with visiting family and friends of novices, and this year is no exception. Amid all the hospitality and entertaining of the coming weekend, I hope to find some time to get working on a couple papers and some other pressing writing projects. Any prayers for my efforts would be appreciated. AMDG.


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