Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Notes on All Souls Day.

As a kind of follow-up to yesterday's Feast of All Saints, today is known as the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed. I'm a big fan of All Souls Day, as I noted in this post from last year. Last year's post still offers an accurate summation of my feelings about this feast, so rather than try to top it I'll simply refer readers to what I wrote a year ago today. Last year, All Souls Day and the federal election fell on the same date, and after voting early I spent the day working at Abbey Mercy Living Center in Warren as part of my hospital experiment (described here, here and here). This year, I'll spend the day working with refugee claimants at the Windsor Refugee Office. Just like last year, however, I'll spend All Souls Day remembering all the faithful departed who've changed my life for the better. Regardless of what activities may occupy me from year to year, I hope that I'll always have the opportunity to make All Souls Day a special day of recollection amid the hectic clamor of daily life. AMDG.


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