Saturday, October 29, 2005

Belated congratulations to the White Sox.

My friend and loyal reader John Shea, S.J. has called my attention to the fact that Novitate Notes has had nothing to say about the triumph of the Chicago White Sox in the 2005 Word Series. Obviously, I'm not a White Sox fan - if I had to root for a Chicago team, it'd be the Cubs, which would raise less of a conflict with my primary loyalty to the Red Sox - and I had originally intended not to say anything about the outcome of this year's World Series. However, on reflection I feel somewhat remiss in not acknowledging the success of a team that this year ended a World Series drought longer even than that previously suffered by the BoSox (though, to be fair, the poor ol' Cubs have been waiting even longer). So here's a belated congratulations to the Chicago White Sox and their fans. Reading articles like these in today's Chicago Tribune and New York Times, it's easy to remember the euphoria of last year's BoSox victory. So enjoy your moment in the sun, White Sox fans, and wait 'til next year. Go Sox, AMDG.


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