Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Chi Prov on the Web.

My very own Chicago Province has a brand-new website. Long anticipated, the new site offers a more contemporary and eye-pleasing presentation of the content that graced the old site, which kept the same design from its launch in the mid-'90's until just yesterday. Though the Chi Prov website has a spiffy new look, there's little in the way of new content, but the new stuff that is there is pretty cool. There's a nice video gallery of short films on diverse subjects, including - to my surprise and delight - the minor-classic vocation video "This Extraordinary Life." The interactive province map is also worth checking out, though I'm a little disappointed by the absence of Henri de Lubac House in Granger, Indiana, the residence for Jesuits engaged in one way or another (teaching, study, advocacy, etc.) at the University of Notre Dame. The Jesuit community in Granger played an important role in the development of my vocation, and also anchors a small but vital Jesuit presence amid the sea of Holy Cross priests and brothers at Notre Dame. Even so, De Lubac House is simply a Jesuit residence and not a corporate apostolate, so its absence from the map is understandable. On the whole, the new Chi Prov website is quite nice and deserves your attention. AMDG.


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