Friday, April 22, 2005

Notes on the Feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Society of Jesus.

As its title suggests, today's feast is unique to the Society of Jesus, and you're unlikely to see it celebrated unless you live in a Jesuit community or attend Mass at a Jesuit church or chapel. On this date in 1541, Ignatius and the First Companions made their solemn vows in the Basilica of Saint Paul's Outside the Walls in Rome. As I noted in a previous post, historically significant Jesuit anniversaries usually aren't as much a focus for annual celebration as our founder's feast day, July 31st. Nonetheless, today is a special day for the Society of Jesus, so be sure to send greetings to your favorite Jesuits. AMDG.


At April 22, 2005 8:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Feast Day! Actually, a question...Does 'Feast' mean 'Celebration', as in a more dignified form of appreciation? Or are 'feasts' sometimes more somber? Just wondering and wanted to wish my favorite jesuit a good day.

At May 03, 2005 12:27 AM, Blogger Joseph Koczera, S.J. said...

Mom -
Feast in the sense of 'celebration,' though in context that basically means 'rememberance.' Some feasts, like this one, are joyful and others are somber. Very good question.


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