Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My first day teaching at La Salette.

After several days of in-class observation and out-of-class lesson planning, today I actually got up and taught a seventh grade religion class at La Salette. It was, I must report, a delightful and truly invigorating experience. Before today, my experience of teaching religion was largely limited to the once-weekly CCD classes I taught while I lived in South Bend. Going in today, I was nervous about making a good first impression, presenting the lesson in a cogent fashion and having enough material to fill the time. When I got going, however, these fears disappeared and I found myself moving along with almost effortless confidence. The students helped a lot in this regard - I'm blessed to be teaching a class of kids who are bright and well-behaved, energetic and engaged. Their knowledge of Scripture and church history never ceases to amaze - particularly as it far exceeds the grasp I had of either topic when I was at their grade level. Though I'm sure there are many challenges to come - regular lesson-planning, for example - if today is any indication I'm hopeful that the teaching experiment at La Salette will be a richly grace-filled and life-giving experience. AMDG.


At February 16, 2005 2:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Joe, here is Brigitte.
I´m so glad that your first teaching experience was a success.
--It is very normal that the teching novices (here in the meaning of apprentice) think that they don´t have enough material. But that´s the big advantage of my job.... time always goes by much too fast :-) (And besides: My motto - not only refering to teaching is: Less is more!)
I miss you all and pray for you.

At February 20, 2005 3:02 PM, Blogger Joseph Koczera, S.J. said...

Brigitte -

Thanks for the kind words. So far my experience with teaching has been positive - the second and third days were not as exciting as the first, but things are going well. Thanks again - please know that we also miss you here at Loyola House and that I pray for you and your family regularly. Hope all is well,

Joe K.


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