Saturday, February 12, 2005

(More) Profiles of the Class of 2004.

As previously reported, the Fall 2004 issue of Company included profiles of about half of the new class of Jesuit novices. Now the Winter 2004-05 issue of the same publication covers the remaining half, including Loyola House residents Adam DeLeon, Drew Marquard, John Petit, Jim Shea, Tony Stephens and myself. (Also included is Kevin Koehler who, astute readers may recall, left the novitiate in November.) In case you're wondering, the data included in the profiles is culled from a survey Company sent to all the novices-to-be over the summer. Most of them, I trust, are reasonably accurate; I say "reasonably" because some of the data provided unsurprisingly got mangled during the editing and writing process. My classmate Adam, for example, has been at pains to emphasize that he taught fourth and fifth formers in Jamaica, not fourth and fifth graders - in other words, high school and not grade school kids. I'm satisfied with my profile, though I may not have ranked "architecture" as one of my top three interests - I suspect it was chosen over the other half-dozen things I listed because it was the most unique. In any event, I hope you enjoy learning more about me and my classmates and what we all did before we entered the Jesuits. If something of our experience resonates with yours, perhaps you should consider contacting your friendly neighborhood vocation director for more info. Who knows? Someday you too could grace the pages of Company. AMDG.


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