Wednesday, December 01, 2004

An evening at UDM.

Tonight several veterans of the SOA trip, myself included, drove down to UDM for a kind of debriefing session to discuss the experience. Not much to report from the meeting, which focused mostly on our personal impressions of the trip and on things we'd like to see done better next year. While on campus, we had Mass and dinner at the Lansing-Reilly Jesuit Residence, which I hadn't visited since September (as reported here). I really enjoyed the Mass, which reminded me in many respects of the daily liturgy I came to know and love at Georgetown. Despite various similarities, the two liturgies differ in key respects, one of the most obvious being that the daily Mass at UDM takes place at 4:30 in the afternoon rather than 11:15 at night as at Georgetown. Even so, I liked the UDM Mass enough that I'll be sure to return sometime when my schedule allows it. The same goes for dinner with the UDM Jesuits, whose gracious hospitality and wonderful dinner conversation I hope to enjoy again on future visits. In short, another enjoyable night out at Detroit's Jesuit university. AMDG.


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