Tuesday, November 09, 2004

On a Tuesday.

Tuesday is bar none the busiest day of the week for first-year novices here at Loyola House, and lacking the drive or energy to blog on any other topic at the moment I'll concentrate on this one. We start the day at 7 am with Mass. Some of us - but not my group - leave immediately after the liturgy to head up to Colombiere. The rest - my group included - leave around 9.30 am for our various hospital experiment sites, from which we return somewhere in the neighborhood of 2.30 pm. A little down time follows, and I do mean "a little," because at 4 pm we have Spanish and most use the time directly before class to prepare. Dinner follows almost immediately after Spanish, with our weekly community meeting afterward. Community meetings vary in length depending upon the topic, but if we have a lot to discuss or a guest speaker to hear from they can last as long as a couple of hours. Then comes our once-a-week creative evening prayer, which varies in length and format depending on the person planning it. All this completed, some weeks we finish our obligations for the day as late as 9.30 pm. I love Tuesdays here - just as I love every day here - but as you can tell the schedule for this day of the week is a very heavy one, which makes it hard to even find time to blog much less come up with some original content. Maxima mea culpa - hopefully at the very least this entry sheds a little additional light into the ins and outs of our daily routine. AMDG.


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