Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My requisite post-election commentary.

The re-election of George W. Bush gives me no joy, saying as how I voted for John Kerry. I'm glad that Kerry won Michigan, however, as it made me feel that my decision to switch my registration was worthwhile. Nonetheless, I'll admit I'm kinda bummed about Bush's re-election, though for me there were a few bright spots on election night: Barack Obama's landslide victory in Illinois, though long anticipated, gave me some good cheer, as did Ken Salazar's narrow win in Colorado and fellow Hoya Stephanie Herseth's election to her first full term as U.S. Representative from South Dakota. Despite the result, I'm glad this election is over, as its increasingly rancorous tone had become quite wearying. With the distraction of presidential politics at least temporarily out of the way, I look forward to having more time for some of my other hobbies and for catching up on some long-neglected correspondence. And, as always, the joy of being a Jesuit novice more than compensates for whatever momentary sadness I may feel at setbacks in the temporal realm of politics. AMDG.