Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I voted!

You know those stickers the LWV gives out at polling places? Unfortunately they don't give them out in Precinct 3 of the City of Berkley, Michigan, so I'm not wearing one. I was, however, the 226th person to vote this morning at the Father Landry Parish Center across the street from Loyola House. This was my first time voting in Michigan; when I lived in the District of Columbia and Indiana I continued to vote in Massachusetts, but with the stakes so high this year and the presidential race so close in Michigan I decided I ought to vote here. The experience was much the same as what I was accustomed to, with a few added quirks: unlike Massachusetts, Michigan provides a "straight ticket" option at the head of the ballot, and obstinately continues the (in my mind, at least) arcane practice of having elected judges. Should be interesting seeing how things go tonight - whatever your political sympathies, I hope you'll join me today in exercising your right to vote. AMDG.


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