Friday, September 17, 2004

Detroit Day, LSD at UDM and the La Salette Parish Carnival.

For the aforementioned "Detroit Day," went with fellow first-year Eric (no, not this Eric, who is second-year) and our second-year guide Jim to see the sights (or at least some of them). First stop was the Solanus Casey Center, which includes various exhibits on the eponymous Capuchin as well as his grave. Then we had lunch at the locally celebrated Mario's, whose decor and serving staff seem not to have changed since the place opened in 1948. Eric, our resident liturgist, wanted to check out the recently-renovated Cathedral of the Most Blessed Sacrament, and so we went there after lunch. I found the cathedral to be quite beautiful, as these photos will hopefully attest. After arriving back at the novitiate for a scheduled class in Jesuit history (focused today on the Jesuits in New France) we were on the road again, this time to UDM. There we enjoyed what is known in Jesuit (or at least novitiate) parlanace as "LSD" - liturgy, social, dinner - with the UDM Jesuit community. One highlight of this experience was meeting Father Herm Muller, who at 95 remains active as a tutor to UDM students. After dinner, the novices enjoyed an excellent tour of the campus from the gregarious Father Gerry Cavanagh, who teaches business ethics at the university. The UDM Jesuits offered outstanding hospitality, and they were evidently delighted to meet the new crop of novices. And if all that wasn't enough activity for one day, when we got home several of us decided to check out the parish carnival at neighboring Our Lady of La Salette Church. To fall back on a trite saying, "a fun time was had by all," but that which is trite is often true as well. AMDG.


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